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Top Wedding Trends to Watch in 2023

2023 is finally here and with last year behind us, it’s time to see what amazing wedding trends are coming down the pike. Personally, these are some of my FAVORITE 2023 wedding trends to watch. Let me know what you think!

Gloves and custom embroidery are a YES!

I am HERE for the gloves, let me tell you. Whether you wear them all day or pop them on with your outfit change for your reception, wearing gloves can really elevate your outfits. Check out how my bride chose to wear gloves embroidered with her new last name during her dance party. I think it’s such a fun personal touch! Having custom embroidery is also a huge way to incorporate thoughtful details into your day…think Hailey’s veil from her wedding to Justin Bieber…it’s just so fun!

Custom embroidery on gloves worn by bride on wedding day and reception. Top wedding trend to watch!
Katie wearing her “Mrs. Yuschak” gloves on her wedding day
Top Wedding Trend to watch: Bride dancing with groom. Bride wearing custom gloves on her wedding day.
Katie and David both had a reception outfit change and it was TOP NOTCH.

Direct flash photography is BACK!

I love direct flash and am not new to this trend (I’ve always prefered this look on the dance floor). However, direct flash is having a big moment in other parts of a wedding day! Think: dramatic hallway shots, fun with friends, etc. I absolutely love the nostalgia of a direct flash shot. It creates a really incredible depth of field on a dance floor and highlights what you intend to highlight. I recently used this technique at a proposal at The Madrona as well! My biggest piece of advice is to find a photographer that’s REALLY good at this if this is a vibe you’re here for. (aka ME!)

Proposal at the Madrona in Healdsburg, CA - couple standing in hallway with direct flash photography.
Regan and Rachel at The Madrona after their proposal.
Top Wedding Trend to watch: Bride and groom dance the horah at their wedding reception at Viansa Winery.
Charlie and Connor dancing the Horah at their wedding reception.

Burnt Orange Everything

Based on Pinterest‘s 2023 trend report, terracotta and burnt-orange everything is coming! From bridesmaid dresses, to colorful orange centerpieces, we are expecting to see a lot of orange this coming year. I absolutely LOVE terracotta and I can’t wait to see how couple’s are going to incorporate this color into their wedding style.

Bride and bridesmaids wearing terracotta or burnt orange robes for wedding day.
Sophie and her ladies rocking burnt orange robes while getting ready.

Different bridesmaid dresses!

I know the vision to having “color coordinating” bridal parties has been in for some time, but I think different bridesmaid dresses are going to have a moment for a while. People are moving away from the full color coordination or even matching dresses and are up for colorful choices for their wedding parties!

I flipping love when a bride gives up the control of her bridesmaid’s attire and let’s their personalities shine!

Bridesmaids wearing different dresses at wedding. Top wedding trend to watch! Mismatched dresses.

Aperol Spritzing is here to stay

I LOVE a custom cocktail, but let me tell you something – nothing photographs better than an aperol spritz. They’re also SO DAMN TASTY. I think these summer delights are here to stay and I can’t wait to see the new spins on how these are incorporated into couple’s special days.

Aperol Spritz - custom cocktail - top wedding trend to watch in 2023 - Melissa Atle

These are just a few of the Top Wedding Trends to Watch in 2023 that I wanted to highlight today for all my amazing and future clients getting married in 2023 and beyond – I hope you found this helpful and inspiring!

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