Let's live like this moment will never come again

The best love fits like your favorite sweatshirt that’ll never get old. It’s the relief you reach for during hard days and confidence you can throw on in an instant. Your engagement shoot should feel just as comfortable as your love. It will wrap you up with joy from the present and the future. With all the giddy butterflies of your first meeting and the ease of a stroll to your favorite pizza shop.

(Did I have you at pizza? I knew we’d get along!)
Your engagement shoot is about making new memories that will bring you back to this brief chapter of your life. New memories in the places around your neighborhood that make up your day to day. New memories that feel like the iconic SF dream. Park picnics and gorgeous sunsets, coffee dates and downtown strolls, a little of this and a little of that. We’re here to forget the camera, the planning, and everything that comes next—just focus on having an amazing date with the love of your life. Sounds easy enough, right?

Like you only get to experience this love, once

I'm ready to make magic



Steal kisses or squeeze butts. Snuggle up or run wild. Bring your dog or a bottle of champagne. We’ll document every second.


Choose your dream location, your happy places, what you love to do, and outfits that feel like you. We’ll map it all out and make it happen. 


Contact, connect, contract, and cheers! 
Whether you’re proposing, engaged, or simply want photos of your love, we can accomplish it.


Sneak peeks of the best date of your life sent within 24 hours. Final gallery delivered within 2-3 weeks! Then, stare at the photos forever and ever. 


engagement session


with me