We are Melissa and Chris (and the cutest little ginger you've ever seen, Oliver)! A wife and (often) husband team who love documenting our client's lives. Whether it's the good stuff, the emotional stuff, the big stuff or little stuff.
It all matters. Your life and memories matter.

Wedding days are full of emotions as well as moments both big and small. We're usually a couple of flies on the wall until we need to be the directors. We're nowhere and everywhere all at the same time. We're also never afraid to bust some moves on the dance floor and eat dessert and be your silent cheerleaders whenever you need it...just sayin’.

You don't just need photographers, you need people to trust and help you feel completely at ease come one of the biggest days of your life. People to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera (and in front of your guests) and we're here to help you every step of the way. We've got you covered. From helping with your timeline to bustling your dress, we've pretty much done it all.

Hey, I'm Melissa

and he's Chris!

(and that's Oliver!)

First and foremost, we're parents to a rad little kid. We've also been married for nearly 9 years and together for 13...we know. It's a long ass time!

The truth is, we've been where you are right now. Whether you're freshly engaged (or thinking about it!) and having to make ALL of the decisions about your wedding or elopement, or you're married and welcoming a little one into your life, or you're a handful of years into the whole parent gig...we've been in your shoes. We know how fun and crazy all of these big life moments are and we want to be right there alongside you helping you every step of the way.

In an effort to help you get to know US right off the bat, here's a couple fun things to know: we LOVE veggie burritos. LOVE. Obsessed may be a bit more accurate.

It may sound cliche at this point, but it would be wrong to leave it out. We're also huge Subaru and Harry Potter fans that love a good cup of ice cream and a solid glass of wine. I (Melissa) recently got a long board for Christmas and I'm loving getting into a new sport/activity. It rocks!

When it comes down to it, loving your photographers is so dang important. There's so many different things we could tell you, but at the end of the day, we really just want to get to know YOU. Head on over to the contact page if you think we'd make a great team! We can't wait to hear from you.

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"Throughout the whole process leading up to our wedding, she made us feel so comfortable & stress free! I’m beyond grateful for the beautiful photos she took of our wedding day & I couldn’t be happier!"

Jade + Aaron

"...When it came time for me to recite my vows and I was still freaking out, Melissa took charge to get the microphone moved away from me so I could get through them. SHE IS SOOOOO MUCH MORE THAN A PHOTOGRAPHER."

Emily + Sean

"The day of our shoot Melissa made us feel incredibly comfortable. I'd describe it like having your BFF photograph you...Then we got the photos (within a week!) and we couldn't believe how perfectly she captured us."

Angela + Robert

"She has a very unique way of making you feel at ease- my partner and I felt like we were in our own world during the entire photo shoot. The photos came back stunning- we are obsessed with how beautifully they capture us."

Alanna + Michael

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