Whether you're newly engaged, planning your dream wedding day, or treading through the emotionally charged days of parenthood, your life deserves to be documented in a beautiful and authentic way.

Let's transport you back to that perfect day.

The couples experience is all about YOU GUYS. Who are you as a couple? What do you like to do? Where do you hang out? My goal is to curate an experience with you guys that feels honest and sincere. 

We'll work closely together to determine locations or activities that are important to you as a couple; places that mean something to you or invoke a happy or nostalgic feeling. Being comfortable in your location(s) translates through your portraits in so many ways. If you need help figuring out your outfits you can always check out my session guide, and we'll select the perfect time of the day to photograph you guys in order to get the best light for your session.

Music will carry you guys through your session to help fill any empty quietness and if you need, we can always throw in a little liquid courage as well. Standing in front of a camera can be weird. I get it! However, here's my promise to you. I promise to make it fun and I promise you'll walk away from your session feeling excited to see your portraits as well as feeling like you just had a really amazing date (with me as your 3rd wheel of course).

The Couples


Your Wedding


With nearly 6 years and over 130 weddings under my belt, I've seen a lot of stuff. You get my knowledge and experience for yourselves. From elopements and intimate gatherings to raging parties, I'm your girl.

Your wedding day is going to be a collaborative experience with a lot of your vendors, but mostly with me. It’s important that we take time to get to know each other prior to your wedding day so you feel confident and comfortable with me and my experience.

Whether your dress needs to be fluffed or bustled, you need some snacks or Advil, or you need to hear you look like a rockstar, you can count on me. And not just the day of, but also leading up to your wedding. We work closely to help determine the best amount of time to spend on your family, bridal party, and couples portraits as well as the best time within your day to do so.

I’m a photographer that's a doer, a hands-on, fly-on-the-wall, silent cheerleader. I’ll coach you through your day if you need it, or cheer you on to take another shot of tequila. You don't just need another vendor to worry about, you can truly rely on me as a friend that's got your back who just so happens to be a professional wedding photographer.

This relationship is a two-way street; a mutual understanding of each other that will to help create amazing photos from your wedding day.

The Lifestyle


Do you find yourself feeling stuck wanting the "perfect portrait"? When you let go of the perfection, you begin to see the moments in between that make up the fabric of your lives in your homes. The unposed, candid, and full of emotion moments that fill you up.

It's so easy to get pulled away from the honest and raw beauty of your family, but let me tell you, it is beautiful. Every single disheveled second of it. Let go of your expectations and let me in with open arms. I promise there is plenty to document during this time of your lives.

Don't live in your dreamy, perfectly styled home? Most people don't!. Do you have some windows with natural light and an open area? Do you have a kitchen? Do you have a bedroom with a big bed? This is all I really need to document your life inside your home. It's the space you've created to hold your memories, the walls you've filled with photographs, the couch your kids have jumped off, the stairs you watched your babies climb. This is your life and it deserves to be documented and saved forever. Don't worry about your kids. Kids will be kids. Let's let them be themselves so you can hold onto these memories exactly as they are.