Three days after Christmas, I headed up to Healdsburg to photograph a very intimate wedding held at Thomas George Estates. You see, about 3 weeks prior, I received an email from a bride named Amy. She was going to be marrying her fiance, Sim Sarna, and they were going to be having a really special wedding with one major twist…their close friend, Anna Faris of Unqualified was going to officiate the wedding. I didn’t freak out. I didn’t get weird. But try as I might, I did fan-girl a little bit. I like Anna, a lot and it was SUCH a treat to watch her officiate her first wedding for 2 of her really close friends. It was such a beautiful day!

The day after the wedding was chaos. Within 30 minutes of Anna posting some photos I had taken from the wedding, I was contacted by, E-News, and Us Weekly. They all wanted permissions to share my photos with the world and I was shouting from the roof tops! Heck yes you can share my photos! HOW RAD!? Within hours my photos from their wedding were plastered all across the internet. I still don’t know exactly how many media outlets picked it up (I lost track/count), but I can honestly say it was a little crazy. So many publications didn’t credit me (which totally sucks, btw), but it was a really cool experience to end the year with. Amy and Sim (AND ANNA) were all so incredibly nice and wonderful and their wedding was dreamy! It was low-key and filled with so much love.

For those of you wondering…yes, Anna really is that cool.

And here are the publication links if you want to check them out: Us Magazine, E News, People, Daily Mail, Entertainment Tonight, Refinery 29, Brides, InStyle.

Florals designed by: Beijaflor Botanicals

  1. Rachel Doughertt says:

    Such a dreamy wedding! Beautifully captured!!

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