Stephen and I had been talking for about 2 weeks about his plan to propose to Hannah. They were taking a trip out to the west coast from Nashville and were hitting all of their favorite spots within a week. On the last day, Stephen was going to take Hannah to DeLoach (his surname) to ask if she’d like to have the same last name as him.

I know…adorable. HOWEVER, the week didn’t start off great. 2 days prior to Stephen proposing, the Camp Fire started and it was hellacious to even be outside. We knew we didn’t have any other option but to suck it up and go for it. It was the LAST DAY of their trip! Hannah was SHOCKED to say the least. I posed as a photographer hired by the winery to shoot some lifestyle shots, but since they were the only ones around I asked if I could just follow them and snap some shots of them enjoying the winery. She didn’t even hesitate to say yes and before she knew it she was saying YES to Stephen! It was perfect.

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