Highway 1 is a perfect destination on the west coast. It spans from Capistrana Beach, CA at its most southern point all the way up to Leggett, CA at its most northern point. It is most famous for running along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the USA. It is truly a magnificent stretch of highway. I feel so incredibly lucky to live so close to it! C had never really taken a drive down any section of HWY 1 (except through Bodega Bay), so this past weekend we hopped in the car and had ourselves an adventure. We had no agenda or timeline; it was just us and the open road. Thankfully, my husband is up for any adventure whenever it involves one of our Subarus and a new destination.

Our first stop was Marshall, CA, home to the infamous Nick’s Cove Restaurant where “every table has a view”.  I personally have never eaten at Nick’s, but I have heard incredible reviews on their award-winning cuisine. The fog had made a blanket over the cozy seaside town and I pondered what it would be like to live under a constant cloud of mist. Fog can be so dreamy and I often find myself missing it during the hot summer months. Next time C and I have an open evening, we’re going to book a table at Nick’s fabulous establishment so we can finally see what everyone is raving about!

We sauntered on down the highway a bit further into Point Reyes where we decided to take the 16 mile drive out to the lighthouse. Apparently we weren’t the only ones with the same idea. There were a ton of tourists! So naturally we found a small (untraveled) trail that led to a gorgeous lookout. On our way down the hill we crossed paths with a small doe and…a FOX! I’ve never actually been so close to a fox, it was awesome! We marveled at the stretch of open beach in front of us and soaked in as much of the view as we could. Once we were frozen to the bone, we hopped in the car to make our long journey back out to the highway. I wasn’t ready for our adventure day to be over. If you haven’t taken a short road trip lately, I highly suggest taking a drive down a portion of highway 1 (or the whole thing!). It truly is a sight to see.


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